The TEDA Advantage
Tianjin Economic - Technological Development Area (TEDA) is Northern China's finest state-sponsored development area. Major multinational companies like Motorola, Toyota, Novozymes and Samsung have chosen to setup here because of a highly attractive suite of benefits that sets TEDA apart:

One of the 1st State-Level Development Areas in China   A Successful State-Level Development Area in China   One of the Most Highly Recommended Economic Areas in China   One of the most dynamic areas in China   A Popular Choice for Foreign Investment in China and an Area Promising High Profit Margins   Broad Market Coverage   Tianjin's Sophisticated Industrial Legacy   Talents Pool   Perfect Investment Environment  
2008 International Forum on Chinese Automotive Industry Development

Time: November 7-9, 2008
Venue: Binhai International Convention & Exhibition Center, Tianjin, China
Perpetual Theme
Sustainable Development of Chinese Automotive Industr...
  As one of China's most important economic centers and one of the four municipalities directly under the central government, Tianjin has a wide range of industries. In the past over 20 years,TEDA has seen the booming development of six key industries:
Electronics , Bio-Chemicals , Light Industries , Manufacturing , Automobile , Logistics.    

Sibre Opens New Plant in TEDA
TEDA Bonded Logistics Center (Phase I) Checked and Accepted by Four Ministries
TEDA is a piece of attracting land that boasts fast economic development and first class investment environment.